API documention

BrandChat API documentation

BrandChat is a multi-platform service that allows you to create and manage bots on WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Kik. (More messengers, like WhatsApp, will be added as they open up API access to commercial accounts.)


Apart from a feature-rich Content Management System which offers out-of-the-box messaging widgets like quizzes and polls, BrandChat also offers an API to developers. With this API, developers can do things like:

  • Be notified when a user subscribes to your bot
  • Send and receive user messages for all supported messengers with one simple API
  • Look up user profile information like nicknames and profile pictures

Getting started

If you haven’t done so yet, please register an account  at https://cms.brandchat.social and enable API access from the menu.

The BrandChat CMS will issue you with:

  • An API key, which you will use for signing requests to BrandChat (like when you send a message) and validating requests from BrandChat (like when we deliver a user message to you).
  • A bot identifier, which you will use on every request to BrandChat so that we know which bot you’re interacting with. This identifier is also included in every event that BrandChat delivers to your system, allowing you to distinguish between bots in the case where you have multiple bots running on BrandChat.

You can also configure a callback URL which points to your server. If configured, BrandChat will deliver events like user messages and new subscriber notifications to this endpoint. While this URL is optional, you’ll have to provide it in cases where you want to receive inbound messages.


Please refer to the full set of documentation here:https://github.com/brandchat/api-php

Reference implementations

We have open-sourced our PHP reference implementation of the API. By including our composer package, you can be up and running in minutes.